The Wanderer


The Wanderer - 4 min - Canada
(Screening: Saturday, April 8 - 5:00 PM - w/Short Film Showcase) 

Directed by Steven Dirckze

A short fan film combining the worlds of Fraggle Rock and The Dark Crystal, both productions by the Jim Henson Company.

Many years before the Crystal Shard was found, urGoh the Wanderer walked across Thra, leaving behind the remaining urRu. Although Mystics live many years, when they forget where they exist in time, they die, and urGoh knows his time approaches fast. Meanwhile, in another world, Mokey Fraggle has entered the T Matthew Fraggle room, looking for inspiration through it's many portals, one of which leads to a forest where The Wanderer is taking his last steps.



Walking Supply


Walking Supply - 25 min - Canada
(Screening: Sunday, April 9 - 6:00 PM - w/Caught, Graveyard Shift & The Fake Brothers' Bal) 

Directed by Derek Barnes

“Walking Supply” is inspired by true events. It was common in 1950 Soviet Russia for Gulag escapees to bring along an unsuspecting victim who would become sustenance if they began to starve on their long journey.